Ana + Luna :: Maternity :: Riley Trails :: Sunset Barn

Had a lovely photo shoot with a lovely person and her little angel, Luna.

We started the golden hour at Riley Trails in Holland, MI. Mother Nature offers us some beautiful scenery to surround some nice backdrops. Sun creeping through the tall pines, nice greenery to cover the grounds, and a nice cool breeze to finish the evening.

We had a premium session, 3 hours and 2 locations. Ended on my property which I call The Sunset Barn. Some of you may know we have some awesome sunsets and we have a white barn to set the tone!

Thanks to Ana's sister to help assist in this session. She was so enthusiastic and helpful.  The importance of an assistant who is a friend or a family member not only helps the photographer but makes the subject feel more comfortable in this scenario.

Here we go!