Thyme Simple Syrup

Fresh organic thyme herb from the garden with a lil' sugar!

Fresh organic thyme herb from the garden with a lil' sugar!

One Sunday afternoon I picked some crowded thyme plants to use in my cooking. 

Well, cooking takes too long... so instead I made a thyme simple syrup!

I just had my big "Dirty 30" Birthday and my sister got me a SodaStream because I have been obsessed with club soda and making lovely concoctions with it! I don't like cola or anything of that sort, just club soda.

Thyme's refreshing smell is so uplifting, airy and clean!

Simple syrup is exactly that... SIMPLE!


3 cups water

2-3 cups sugar 

15 twigs of thyme (mine were short so I used more)


1. In a small saucepan, add all the ingredients and bring to a slow simmer and whisk to fully dissolve the sugar.

2. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Remove thyme (I reused these, continue reading)

3. Pour your syrup in a glass jar.


To create the thyme soda:

I made some carbonated water in my SodaStream. You may buy Club soda at the store.

For 8 oz of soda, I added 4-5 teaspoons of thyme simple syrup. Pour on top of ice and enjoy this amazingly refreshingly clean beverages!

Other Uses:

  • Sweetening tea, lemonada
  • Creating lovely cocktails

The cooked left over thyme

All the extra cooked thyme that I had leftover from the syrup making, I spread out on parchment paper.

While the twigs are still damp, pour some sugar and rub into the twigs.

Place in freezer. Once it's all hardened, you can place in a container and keep in freezer.