How to Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

The truth is… that most of us get nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Me in action

Me in action

The intention of this post is to prepare for your shoot so when the day comes, you know what to expect and be ready and confident!

  1. Have a friend or a family member do a practice shoot with you.
    You will familiarize yourself to the way a shoot goes and you will get a feel of how you act. Do feel confident that the photographer will guide you in posing.

  2. Take some time to find inspirational photos.
    A photographer will not copy someone else’s work but will get an understanding of what you want. This includes locations, the feel, the colors, the poses, etc. Note, that some photographers choose the locations and some are open to client’s ideas of locations.

  3. Communicate what you don’t want- for example, if you know you have a “bad side” that you are not confident with, tell that to the photographer.

  4. Young Children: Bring an item to keep them busy and will be a great prop for the shoot (book, a flower) or something for the photographer to grab the child’s attention for that camera (a toy that makes them laugh).

  5. Pets: Consult with your photographer. It might be a good idea if there is another person who will only hold the leash that is not being photographed. If there are multiple locations, the last locations would be ideal where you meet with your furry friend.


  • Wear something you KNOW that you love yourself in! A photograph is something that should capture your true self.

  • Group/Family Shoot: Choose a color scheme (2 colors are good) and stick to it. For example, blues and whites, muted tones, browns are good with some blues and pinks. Avoid super bright colors like solid yellows, and lime greens.

  • Make up: Wear what is normal for you unless you are glammed up for a special event like wedding.

  • Young children: Depending on age, bring wipes if needed as well as a change of clothes in case unpredictables happen.

  • Bring “additional” clothing for your outfit. Something like a hat, a shawl, a jacket, a mens blazer, etc. which will be easy to add and remove. These little additions will help create a variation in your photos.

These are just some tips to get your prepared but the main thing is to communicate to the photographer of your goals in the shoot. And remember to have fun!

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